Exploring The Types of Roof Racks – The Goods & The Bads

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Having a vacation on a long-distance place with your family on a van or SUV will surely require a rack to carry trek things. From bikes to the canoe, the roof racks let you have the space where you can freely hold things on top of the truck to complete vacay in a fun way.

Basically, the main job of them is to provide good room to pack traveling stuff such as kayak, luggage, and similar types of items without harming them.

As they have nice benefits for a traveler, a lot of people find it hard to decide the right types of roof racks. And if you are telling yourself what type of roof rack fits my car, then hold up and prepare for learning some of them to make a wise choice.

So, let’s get introduced to the different variety of racks that are available in detail. Are You Ready For It?

Let’s Get To Know The 3 Most Common Types Of Roof Racks One By One

Names of Roof RacksProsCons
Flush Bar Roof RacksDoesn’t need a crossbarGood looking easy to installNot for kayaks
Through Bar Roof RacksNice storage option fine for kayaks & bikes doesn’t make loud soundsNot flexible
Platform Roof RacksGood protection flexible & durableBetter versatilityExpensive range

There are different types of roof racks that work based on temporary and permanent installations. But, you’ll find 3 main types of roof racks for cars that are available. And, these are:

Flush Bar Roof Racks- Great for Small Luggage

Among all different types of car roof racks, they offer the slimmest and fittest setup that one can use with no crossbars. The main reason a lot of users find them ideal for storing items is because of the design and load-carrying skills.

According to Rhino-Rack,

Flush crossbars are unique as they provide a seamless appearance and it fits your car roof like a factory fitted accessory by the car manufacturer. They are the fashionable choice for most users

For those of you who are looking for the best types of kayak roof racks, we advise going with the other options given below. They offer good storage rooms that are 30 cm less than ordinary bar systems. Thanks to their smart outline and handiness, you can pretty easily store items.

In fact, the clever design lets you install them very quickly with no one’s help. Also, they have 2 color options such as black and silver for one to choose from.  

Through Bar Roof Racks- For Carrying Without Making Sound

These types of racks include an aerodynamic wing bar that looks like a square shape and featuring a lengthy bar to hang the footplates as well. With a cool vibe and handy storage plan, they are probably perfect for holding kayaks, bikes, and big things.

One of the most beneficial things about them is they never make loud noises, unlike most racks. Plus, through bar types have a good ability to hold tons of weight with a fine space setup. So, you can pretty comfortably use them while riding at a good speed with no hassle.

And, that’s not all. You’ll have tons of aero bar shapes in the market to pick one for yourself. It’s true that through bar roof racks are perfect for storing more than 2 accessories. You’ll find them in black and silver colors too.

Platform Roof Racks- Finest For Stored Items Protection

Coming to the most expensive option out there, they offer a platform in place of crossbars that are inserted into the roof rack’s feet. Because of their strong and net-like outline, a lot of people love them for their trucks so that the stored items stay protected.

Not only do the platform roof racks have good weight capacity but also let you enjoy better versatility in case you want to store travel gears, kayaks, cycles, and others. They are also very flexible with a fancy crossbar style look.

Even if the wind resistance causes them to make noise, still these types of racks have matchless performance that doesn’t wobble or give a bad experience.

Explaining 5 Different Types Of Roof Rack Mounts

Almost all trucks have cargos that would fit racks permanently or temporarily. So, it’s better to learn about the types of roof rack mounts

Diagram of Roof Types

Fixed Mounting Points

Out of all types of roof rack attachments, the fixed mounting points have a stud that is fitted into the holes of the roofline.


  • Neat and clean.
  • Holds a good amount of weight.
  • Looks cool.


  • Doesn’t have flexibility.

Flush & Raised Rails

They are one of the best types of roof rack fittings that can be fitted on the roof easily. The flush & raised rails are good for SUVs, wagons, and other trucks.


  • Easy to fit.
  • Doesn’t contact with a crossbar.
  • Flexible and durable.


  • Fits in the rear of the truck.

Factory Fitted Rails

They let the racks be fitted in a fixed positioned rail on top of the roof. The factory-fitted rails are easy to install.


  • Low profile design.
  • Good position to use racks.
  • Fine load rating.


  • A few rails are short.

Clamp Mounts

They have a unique design that allows the foot to sit straight on the paintwork using a clamp that fits on the doorframe.


  • Nice appearance.
  • Takes less time to fit.
  • Holds good loads.


  • Cause friction due to contact.

Track Mounts

Unlike others, they let users fit roof racks on either fitted or aftermarket tracks which are secured in legs with a bolt.


  • Tough and versatile.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good outline.


  • Hard to install by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are roof racks worth it?

Yes, roof racks are beneficial for storing facilities. No matter how long or short distances are, they add good looks, storage, and weight capacities to hold items. If you pick the best roof racks, then they will provide good performance for traveling things.

Even if the price will be higher, still the roof racks will be worth it for adding extra rooms. And also, the installation is quite easy.

Why are roof racks so expensive?

Due to their pretty appearance, space management, and durability, the roof racks sometimes can be high-priced. But, there are a few inexpensive choices which you can pick but the features will be limited.

And also, the main reason why the racks are expensive is because of quality designs. Plus, some of them offer resistance ability against air and speed which increases the price.

What are roof racks good for?

Technically, they are good for carrying big items that are weighty such as luggage, bikes, kayaks, and other stuff. And also, the racks play a great role to solve the struggle of space for storing gears.

As car trunk designs aren’t able to store a lot of items, they can pretty easily increase cargo areas with nice volume limits.

Are roof bike racks safe?

Yes, the roof racks are totally safe for carrying bikes and other stuff too. Since they are attached to the crossbars, you can store a lot of items. And, the racks are good for keeping stuff safe and secure that let increases protection.

Final Thoughts

And, that were some types of roof racks and mountings that are widely used by trekkers as well as newbie tourists. To pick out the right stuff, you will surely need time and analysis that will help to make out the very personal decision to what type of roof rack do I need at ease.

You’ve learned about a lot of varieties that has both good and bad side, now it’s you who need to make a decision. We cannot make a statement for you. It would be very hard to suggest as we don’t know about your entire purpose and how big storage you want.

Hope this guide helps you to know the most common and popular options available in the store. Just take some time to decide which one would be perfect for you and find things out. You’ll Do Great. Good Luck!

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