Thule T2 Classic Vs Pro Series Rack: What Should Be Your Pick

What is the difference between Thule T2 Classic and Pro? We all know that the pro version of a product always comes with something interesting.

One of the key differences between Thule T2 Classic and Pro is the ease of installation. T2 Pro is comparatively easy to install as there’s no more spar hanger. Instead, there are two built-in welded plates to get the installation done easily.

But there’s more than meets the eye between Thule T2 Classic vs Pro. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. This article will break down all the differences between these two Thule bike racks to help you pick the right one.

Thule T2 Classic Vs Pro: A Quick Comparison Chart

Kay PointThule T2 ClassicThule T2 Pro
Dimension92.5 x 18 x 36 inches54 x 15 x 43 inches
CapacityCan carry 2 bikes, and has an extension available for 2” modelsCan carry 2 bikes, and has an extension available for 2” models
Weight Capacity (without extension)60 lbs (for single bike), 120 lbs (for 2 bikes)60 lbs (for single bike), 120 lbs (for 2 bikes)
Maximum Weight Capacity (with extension)120 lbs (for 2 bike model), 160 lbs (for 4 bike model)120 lbs (for 2 bike model), 160 lbs (for 4 bike model)
Wheel SizeFits up to 5 inches wide tires and 29 inches diameterFits up to 5 inches wide tires and 29 inches diameter
LockabilityLock for only the rackLocks for both the rack and bikes
Folding And TiltingHard to use the handleEasy to use the handle
Color OptionsAll Black, Black, and SilverAll Black

There are loads of similarities and dissimilarities to make your head spin. Well, say goodbye to your worries. The following are the main points of difference between the two mentioned bike racks.

Ease Of Installation Of Both The Bike Racks

You’ll need to tighten the threaded hitch pin with a wrench that comes with the rack to install a T2 Classic properly. But, there’s always a chance that the installation won’t be perfect. So, take your sweet time with it.

On the other hand, the Thule T2 Pro requires a wedge that operates through a hand-tightened knob to install it perfectly. It’s an easy and effective method to install the T2 Pro.

Tilting And Folding Mechanisms Of The Bike Racks

There aren’t really noticeable differences between T2 classic and the T2 Pro. Only the handle that the users use to tilt or fold the rack is different between these two racks.

The handle on the T2 Classic is pretty tricky to access as the handle’s location is behind the bikes. Not only that, but you’ll also need to remove a safety pin to tilt the rack.

Besides, when there’s an extension, it’s somewhat impossible to use the handle to tilt the rack single-handedly. T2 Pro is a relief in this manner.

The handle’s location is on the right side of the rack, which means it’s effortless to access. In addition, you won’t need the help of another person actually to use the handle and tilt the rack.

Locking Mechanism Of The Bike Racks

Safety first, always. The T2 Classic provides ample safety for itself but not for your bikes. There are no separate locks for your bikes available.

But the T2 Pro comes with a built-in locking mechanism, not only for the rack but also for the bikes.

Look And Design Of Both The Hitch Bike Racks

Look matters. It doesn’t change the fact, even if we say it a hundred or a thousand times.

The T2 Pro is way more premium in its look with its curvy wheel tray construction and different wheel tray design on the front. Plus, it also has fewer exposed parts than the T2 Classic.

So, yeah. If you want to spend more on something, getting the better-looking one is the way.

Bike Carrying Options Of The Bike Racks

Both racks can carry different types of bikes like mountain bikes, fat bikes, and road bikes with tires that are 5” wide at maximum.

The key difference here is the front wheel tray. While the T2 Pro offers a wheel tray with specially molded slots, the front wheel tray of the T2 Classic is simple.

The molded slots always come on top as they fit the bikes properly and give a better grip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Thule T2 Pro XT and T2 Pro XTR?

There are basically no differences between these two bike racks. The only difference that you will find is that the XTR has different types of wheel system, which is absent in the XT. XTR has Rolling Wheels that can be used to move the rack easily while it is off the vehicle.

Does Thule T2 Classic lock?

Yes, the T2 classic locks. But it has only the locking mechanism to prevent the theft of the rack. There are no separate locks for the bikes to secure them with the rack. However, there’s the option to buy aftermarket locks as well.

How much weight can the Thule T2 Classic hold?

If the Thule T2 classic doesn’t use an extension, it can hold up to 120 pounds of weight. In other words, 60 pounds each for 2 bikes. When the rack uses an extension, its capacity increases. In that case, the T2 Classic can hold up to 160 pounds.

Which is better Kuat Or Thule?

You can’t tell that one brand is completely outplaying the other. In some areas, Kuat is better, while in some other areas, Thule is better. We think Kuat has a better system while Thule is convenient for easy locking and taking out.

Final Verdict

In comparing Thule T2 classic vs Pro, we’ve stated some major differences between the two bike racks. So, which one should you bank on? Although you need to pay a little more for the pro version, we think it’s worth it.

You’ll get a better security system, a better handle for tilting works, and an easy installation system for the extra money. However, the T2 Classic can back you up if the extra cash becomes a burden. Rest assured.

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