Try Cracking Subaru Outback Roof Rack Problem Causing from Different Reasons

Subaru Outback Roof Rack Problem

Adding plenty of storage space to your Subaru Outback is the main role of a solid roof rack. Also, it is able to carry bikes, kayaks, canoes, luggage, or other stuff. Yet, sometimes the roof rack of Subaru acts weirdly by causing the stuff to fit loosely and give uneven riding.   

That’s not all, it may cause loud clinching noise, poor weight capacity, and fitment issues. And yes, we know the frustration of yours having the Subaru Outback roof rack problem, but it can be fixed if you work hard by following the right instructions.  

And, a lot of drivers are facing the issue of problematic roof racks in Subaru trucks, thus we’ve decided to give possible fixes to all challenges by explaining in detail. Just relax and stay with us to figure out the causes to do it yourself rightly. So, Why Not Get into Them?

Find Out Subaru Outback Roof Rack Problem- Causes & Fixes!

Reasons for Roof Rack ProblemsSimple Fixes That Works
Incorrect gaps of the roof rack and rooftopAlign them rightly
Unable to hold big weighted stuffCarry light items
Spoiled roof rack or systemReplace the roof rack or system

So, you want the ideal solution to a problematic Subaru roof rack, right? But, wait a minute, do you know all the problems with your truck’s roof rack? If not, then note down the given issues that most Subaru owners are facing.

  1. Loud or irksome noise.
  2. Loose fitment of stuff when clamping.
  3. Uneven or increased wind resistance.
  4. Spending a lot of fuel.

We want you to observe your lovable Subaru Outback behavior so that you can quickly figure out the real issues. In case you are having the given problems, then it’s sure that your truck roof rack needs fixes..

Diagram Of Bad Subaru Outback Roof Rack Causes

Should you not know about the causes that are inviting all the problems? We have found 3 reasons why a lot of drivers are suffering from problematic roof racks in their Subaru. And, they are:

  • Don’t Have Proper Gap.
  • Unable To Carry Big Weight.
  • Damaged Roof System or Rack.

Fixing The Roof Rack Latch Forward Problem.

Have you ever felt a little shake while packing luggage to your Subaru roof rack? Or, deal with damage and scratches on the luggage even after fitting tightly? This is a common scenario of a Subaru Outback driver who has less space between the top roof and roof rack.

According to Cherish Your Car,

In an attempt to give newer Outbacks a sleeker and sportier look, Subaru has significantly eliminated the space between the top roof and the roof rack to minimize drag and airflow resistance.

It might seem not a big issue while this simple thing can result in low drag and air resistance if not treated rightly.

You may not notice the problems right away but it will cause poor conditions of items that you have packed over the roof rack. To put it simply, if your truck’s rooftop and roof rack are nearer, the stored items will be spoiled badly.


To fix the top roof and roof rack decreased gaps, look into the given directions that would take 2 minutes:

  • Inspect all the bolts to know which parts are fitted wrongly.
  • Next, unbolt the bolts using a ratchet wrench.
  • Then, shift the bolts to the narrower side to fasten rightly.
  • Line them up so that they don’t latch.

Pro Tips: Be sure to clean the top roof and rack if you forget to as it may cause corrosion along with a bad exterior that looks old or damaged.

How To Fix Poor Load Capacity Damage Of Roof Rack?

Well, a lot of Subaru Outback drivers found the weak ability of roof rack when it comes to carrying items that are heavy or overweighted. Even if the roof rack is made strongly, still it doesn’t have a wide capacity to hold loads.   

Due to crosswind and air pressure, the weight of stored items in the roof rack starts to shift depending on speed. And so, it gets weak or fragile that becomes unable to hold weight like before.


The simplest way out of this situation is by carrying stuff that is not weighty. If the luggage or stored item is not bulky, you probably won’t face the issue of poor load capacity. Try using the roof rack smartly and place the weight by distributing evenly.

This way you won’t face uneven riding performance while driving at a high speed. Also, check the center gravity of stuff you’ve put on your roof rack to avoid bolts or nuts damages. Sometimes a little mistake with placement will cause serious issues.

Repair The Broken Roof System Or Rack That Is Not Working

If your Subaru Outback isn’t clamping rightly when trying to lock the luggage on the roof rack, it might be a big issue. Sometimes the roof rack or the system itself get spoiled that cause clamping issue. As these types of errors are normal, so you can pretty easily solve them.


In case your roof rack won’t able to hold the weight of stuff or get damaged, it’s time for Subaru Outback roof rack replacement. As the company doesn’t give assurance to the damage of the roof rack, so it’s better to take it to an expert for treatment or do it yourself.

Before that, check whether the rooftop condition is okay or not. And then, follow the given instructions:

  • Start by taking out the left side map, dome, and other accessory connectors. If your truck has a sunroof, then be sure to detach the motor connector of it.
  • Next, put down the seatbacks and remove the door opening trim. Then, detach all the bolts from the roof rack rails. Use a ratchet wrench to get rid of them.
  • Afterward, take out the Subaru Outback roof rails, crossbars, and brackets. Now, insert the new one in the reverse direction. Attach the removed accessory connectors to get the job done.

It’s time for you to check whether your roof rack problem is fixed or not. And if not, perhaps the rack system is in fault. To treat the problem, we suggest replacing the old rack system with a new one. You can hop for a battery-powered or normal one on your roof rack.

Besides, never drive your Subaru Outback with a rack system that is problematic or not tightly fitted. This may cause scratches and damage to your truck.

Pros Tips: We suggest you invest your valuable money on a durable and hostile roof rack or rack system so that it fits rightly to the roof rails.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the roof rack work on a Subaru Outback?

To handle the cargo of your Subaru Outback, the roof rack carries a lot of weight. You can freely use the crossbars in the roof rack to get good support to hold luggage or item weights.

How much weight can a Subaru Outback roof rack hold?

Technically, the latest Subaru outback roof rack weight limit is not more than 165 pounds. It can hold most types of large to small stuff with no hassle.

Do roof racks cause damage?

If the roof rack is fitted wrongly, then it might cause possible damage to your truck rooftop. The improper adjustment of the roof rack may result in rust, scratches, or noises too in your truck.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you know the right fixes of the Subaru Outback roof rack problem. All the given solutions will take quite a bit of time based on which specific set of issues you’re targeting but hopefully with a little try you’ll have a nice result afterward.

For Your Information, the roof rack is large in size that can hold tons of stuff. But it may turn bad after years of use so smartly handle the problems which you are facing in your Subaru roof rack. Before you do anything, just work out to trace the errors and then learn how to deal with them.

And also, take care of your roof rack so that you can enjoy it for a long time. Hope you find this guide helpful to solve the trouble. After locating the issues, don’t wait longer and do it yourself. Keep It Up!

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