Know Subaru Impreza Roof Rack Weight Limit To Follow

Subaru Impreza Roof Rack Weight Limit

Knowing how much the Subaru Impreza roof rack weight limit is a vital fact that one should consider before getting one. It not only ensures safe driving but also helps to store a lot of stuff such as bikes, kayaks, and luggage.

FYI, a car has roof rack weight capacity to be able to carry loads without damaging the surface and other drivers. The Subaru Impreza is an ideal truck that has a crossbar and roof rack for storage space.

If your truck roof is carrying more weight than the limitation, then it will run badly and cause imbalance. To avoid this type of situation, you should learn Impreza rack weight capacity.

But, how do you know what’s the weight limitation of the rack in the truck? A lot of people also looking for this topic as there’s less info about that.

If it seems mysterious to you, then we are going to give the correct measurement of it along with load capacity. So, Let’s Get Into It!

What Is The 2005 – 2022 Subaru Impreza Roof Rack Weight Limit?

Depending on the Subaru owners manual, the Impreza roof rack is able to carry loads around 150 – 176 lbs counting the oldest and newest models. But, the brand usually measures the weight limit in static and dynamic load ratings.

2005 – 2022 Subaru Impreza Roof Rack

Minimum Weight CapacityMaximum Weight Capacity
150 LBS176 LBS

Every truck has its specific ability of roof rack load capacity to store some items. And just like that, the Subaru all series are designed to have at least 150 – 176 lbs capacity including all factors.

To put it simply, all the models of Subaru Ascent roof rack weight limit are around the same as the Outback, Crosstrek, Forester, and Impreza rack load capacity. Okay, you want to think of everything when counting the exact weight capacity.

How Exactly the Impreza Roof Rack Weight Limit Is Counted?

To do that, you want to add the weight of crossbars or side rails, cargo stuff, and roof rack in total, then the total roof capacity.

According to the Subaru Manuals,

The total load capacity includes the total weight of driver and all passengers and their belongings, any cargo, any optional equipment such as a trailer hitch, roof rack or bike carrier, etc., and the tongue load of a trailer. Therefore cargo capacity can be calculated by the following method.

Now, you want to subtract side rails and cargo from the total roof capacity to find the exact roof rack weight limits.

This technique works on any roof rack to figure out the weight limit. You only have to place the weight and calculate yourself to know the exact load capacity of it for safe driving.


Total Roof Capacity = (Side Rails/Crossbars Weight + Cargo + Roof Rack Weight)

*Roof Rack Weight Limit = Total Roof Capacity – (Side Rails/Crossbars + Cargo)

So, if your Impreza roof rack capacity is 68 kg (written in the owner’s manual page no. 8-14 to 8-16), then it is the total roof capacity.

Then, add side rails or crossbars counting 6.8 kg and cargo weight 11.3 kg, then subtract these from the total roof capacity. And, the roof rack weight limit will be 49.9 kg or 110 lbs.

Explaining The Static & Dynamic Weight Capacity of Subaru Impreza

If you really want to know how much weight can Impreza hold, then you better learn about static and dynamic load capacity. As you know, the static weight capacity means how much the truck roof rack can hold in a motionless position.

In the Subaru owner’s manual, the Impreza roof rack can carry around 700 lbs in static weight capacity or truck parked position.

And, the dynamic load limit means the total ability of the roof rack to carry items when driving or moving. According to the manual, it is not more than 150 – 176 lbs that most truck brands test using this load capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you put a roof rack on an Impreza?

Yes, it’s easy to install it on your Impreza. You just need to follow the instruction to be able to fit the roof rack smartly without damaging the surface. And also, know the fact that it can be fit if your truck has crossbars or rails on both sides.
Otherwise, you’ll need to drill the truck’s roof or get a kit that’ll help for installing a roof rack on your Subaru Impreza. And, don’t tighten the screws, nuts, and washers during fitment as it’ll cause them to break quickly.

What size cross bars Subaru Impreza?

The perfect size of crossbars in Impreza is different based on the models. In the front, the crossbar is around 41.5” or 105.5 cm long on average. On the other hand, the rear side is not more than 39” or 99 cm in length.

Does roof rack affect gas mileage?

If your roof rack is higher in bulk, then it can affect gas mileage badly. Otherwise, it’s all cool to drive with that.
The reason why it causes fuel consumption is that the truck drives imbalance if carrying big loads. Apart from that, it can result in the truck driving with good speed while holding loads of burden on top of the roof.
By that, the truck has to use more fuel to drive straight and in good shape. FYI, the unfilled roof rack can impact the truck fuel system around 2% that is 1/4 of a gallon of gas.

Wrapping Up

No matter what’s your reason to know the Subaru Impreza roof rack weight limit, hope you get it with no question left unanswered on your head. The real trouble behind not knowing the real weight capacity of it might cause accidents in the future when you carry stuff beyond its limit.

Apart from that, it’s good to always care about your truck’s roof and racks to carry all the valuable things without harming anything. Besides, you ought to count the driving stability and terrain as the heavier cargo might cause this kind of issue.

But the good news is we have successfully mentioned all matters that affect indirectly or directly Impreza roof rack load capacity. Hope this guide helped you to know the real fact about it. We’ll See You on Our Next Article. Till Then, Good Bye!

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