Never Cross the Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack Weight Limit

Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack Weight Limit

Okay, the best partner who will store your stuff such as kayaks, bikes, and surfboards when heading to a long-distance area with your truck is the roof rack. This tiny carrier gives good hand to carry bulky stuff on top of the Crosstrek roof.  

But, do you know carrying more than its capacity can result in serious mishaps not only for you but also for other drivers? Yes, it’s true. For that, as a driver, you should know the weight capacity of your truck’s roof rack. 

Now, the thing is a lot of people could find the load capacity of it on the internet due to lack of info and starts to discuss with others. If you are also one of them, then no need to feel shy as together we’re about to discover the Subaru Crosstrek roof rack weight limit and related stuff. 

Just stay with us for a couple of minutes and you’ll be about to figure things out easily. So, Let’s Get Straight To It! 

Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack Weight Limit – Everything You Need To Know!

According to the Subaru Crosstrek owner’s manual (page no: 8-14 to 8-16), the dynamic load limit is 150 – 176 lbs if counting both old and latest models. Also, the static weight limit is around 700 lbs when the truck not moving.

Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack (2005 – 2021)

Minimum Weight LimitMaximum Weight Limit
150 lbs or 68 kg176 lbs or 80 kg 

Watching the data chart, you have now guessed the load capacity of 2005 to 2021 Crosstrek roof rack load capacity which is around 150 – 176 lbs. As a traveler, the limitation of it does differ due to a few factors (cargo, accessories, and roof rails). 

Apart from that, the weight of racks also matters that affect the overall limitation. To put it simply, if your roof rack weight limit is 150 lbs, counting the crossbar weight 20 lbs, and the part itself is 30 lbs, then the total load capacity will turn 100 lbs. 

Coming to the main point, the manufacturer’s decided Crosstrek load limit is tested which means it would never change drastically even if your cargo stuff is bigger. 

But, it has to be under the given limit. Besides, there are 2 weight limits for truck roof load and they are: 

  1. Static weight capacity
  2. Dynamic weight capacity

You as well need to check the static and dynamic load limit that matters a lot on your truck roof.

Note: Be sure to check the roof rack system load limit before you buy one. Plus, don’t cross the given restriction as it’ll damage the truck and racking system.

Static Weight Capacity of Crosstrek Roof Rack

The static weight-bearing indicates how much can the car is able to hold stuff in a stationary or parked position. Based on the owner’s manual, the weight of Subaru Crosstrek rack is around 700 lbs or 317 kg when the truck is motionless.

To count the static load weight, the truck has to be parked and the cargo stuff needs to be well-balanced and coordinated. If your Subaru Crrosstrek is not like that, then the load limit will be much lower than the standard.

Disclaimer: There are no trucks right now that count weight limit motionless. That is why we didn’t include a static load limit.

Dynamic Weight Capacity of Subaru Crosstrek

Quite opposite to the static side, the dynamic weight load indicates the truck’s ability to carry stuff in a moving or driving position. Depending on the manual, the Crosstrek roof rack load limit is around 150 to 176 lbs when the truck is in motion.

You need to count the momentum and other factors when finding out the dynamic weight limit in roof racks. Most trucks are tested in a fixed method (dynamic load capacity).

Besides, the given rating indicates you are able to drive safely when the loads (of cargo, crossbars, and other accessories) are under the given limit.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you put a roof rack on a Subaru Crosstrek?

The answer is yes! For sure. You can pretty easily install the roof rack into your Crosstrek truck by attaching all the mounting points to the right spot. Also, don’t tighten out the bolts as it can damage the washers, screws, and nuts deeply.

Just be sure the rods are on spot and aligned rightly as it can cause harm to the powder coating on the Crosstrek roof.

Does the Crosstrek have cross bars?

Yes, it has crossbars. And also, the Crosstrek crossbars has to be OEM or aftermarket standard. Even if it doesn’t need them, still they are useful to attach the racks on top of the truck’s roof. Most Crosstrek crossbars are aero-style that let you drive with no noise. 

How long is the cargo area of a Subaru Crosstrek?

It is not more than 176.8 inches in length. As the Subaru Crosstrek cargo area are long enough to carry larger kayaks, bikes, and surfboards. And also, it has 20.8 cubic feet in cargo volume. Besides, it has 71 inches of width along with 63.5 inches of height.  

Wrapping Up

Still, not satisfied with the answer to the Subaru Crosstrek roof rack weight limit? Hope you don’t feel that way. Basically, roof racks play a great role to carry stuff like kayaks, big loads, and luggage to be able to enjoy a trip without losing anything.

Yeah, most of the roof racks for Crosstrek have fixed weight limits that are capable of holding big weight. And, it’s still essential to learn about the limitation for saving you and other drivers from accidents.

Due to all the confusion and unfamiliarity, we have given an easy explanation so that you know the whole thing easily. Hope this guide didn’t let you down about the weight limit of the Crosstrek roof rack. Now, It’s Time To Go. See You Soon!

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