You Gotta Know Subaru Ascent Roof Rack Weight Limit

Subaru Ascent Roof Rack Weight Limit

To store bigger bikes, furniture, kayak, skis, and other stuff on top of your truck, the roof racks are the best in both worlds. So, you are going to get a roof rack for your Ascent to add extra cargo space.

Well, stop right there and don’t just horribly make decisions without thinking of everything. A traveler might need more stuff to carry in the truck roof system but if you don’t know the load capacity of the Ascent rack then it would be a silly decision.

By doing the same thing, a lot of people suffer from the poor storage capacity of roof racks. It would be wise for you to look into weight and its calculation for driving safely.

And, in today’s article, we are going to explain the Subaru Ascent roof rack weight limit and what factors matter to calculate it. Why Not We Get Into That!

How To Know Subaru Ascent Roof Rack Weight Limit?

According to the 2005 to 2022 Subaru Ascent owner’s manual, the total weight limit is not more than 150 – 165 lbs. But, the same weight (static or dynamic load) can increase or lessen if the truck is moving or not.

Subaru Ascent ModelsWeight Capacity of Roof Rack
2005 – 2018 Subaru Ascent 150 LBS
2019 – Present Subaru Ascent176 LBS

Due to space management for traveling purposes, a lot of people are interested to know “how much weight can Subaru Ascent rack hold”. Before we get into it, you should consider the overall dimension of your truck’s main roof.

According to the Best Roof Box,

Subaru is not really known for SUVs; that is why buying a roof box for the Subaru Ascent might be challenging. The Ascent has a cargo capacity of just 17.8 cu ft.’ which might not be enough to accommodate all your luggage.

If you don’t know that, the Subaru Ascent roof rack dimensions are 80 x 8 x 8 inches. Coming to the weight limit of them, you have to count roof rack loads, crossbars, and cargo space. For instance, if your roof rack weight limit is 176 lbs, it adds all factors to count the total capacity. 


Maximum roof load = roof rack weight + crossbars + cargo load.

The maximum Subaru Ascent roof rack capacity (from 2005 – 2022) is not more than 150 lbs to 176 lbs in total if your truck is moving. To find out the real Ascent rack weight, just subtract the crossbar load from the given rating (176 – 15 = 161 lbs). 

Note: Check the Subaru Ascent roof rack owner’s manual page no 388 – 389 to understand the given information better.

You should know the static and dynamic load capacity as they matter a lot to count the weight. Let’s get into it!

Static Vs Dynamic Weight Capacity

As you know the 2021 Subaru Ascent roof rack weight limit is around 176 lbs, this is its dynamic weight capacity. 

Diagram of Dynamic Vs Static Load Bearing

The static load capacity means how the truck will balance rightly without damaging stored stuff and the driver’s safety. On the other hand, a driver has to count the moving, power, extending, or retracting of the stored item when referring to dynamic load. 

Does The Subaru Ascent Roof Rack Weight Matter?

Even though no one tells you this little secret but yes, the roof rack weight does matter when counting the total load limit of it. 

For example, 

If it’s light-weighted, then the roof rack weight limit will be = (176 – 30 = 146 lbs)

Otherwise, it will be (176 – 50 = 126 lbs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do roof racks damage your car?

The answer to that question is no unless you fit it wrongly. The roof racks are designed to install on the crossbars or rails of your truck that make sure no harm to the surface. But, if your truck doesn’t have these, then it needs to drill out to be able to fit the racks. 

During the moment of drilling, you need to be very careful as this thing can cause damage to the truck’s surface. Apart from that, it’s better to screw in all the bolts in comfortable tight. Otherwise, these can damage your truck.   

How far apart should roof racks be?

To understand the racks gaps, you need to check both the front and rear sections of your truck roof. In most cases, the crossbars, racks, and carriers have good distances not more than 700 mm or 27-9/16 inches. 

Yet, if your roof racks are smaller than the standard type, then the gaps of them will be 480 mm or 18-8/9 inches. Besides, it’s also necessary to learn about the mounting points of your truck roof when trying to fit. 

Does the Subaru Ascent come with a roof rack?

No, it doesn’t come with a roof rack. The brand offers a crossbar and side rails so that users drive with good accessibility. Luckily, it has an option to attach external roof racks that are designed for this mid-size SUV such as Thule or Yumiko.  

As it has side rails and crossbars, so you don’t need to drill out for mounting points when attaching roof racks.  

Wrapping Up

Going on a trip seems easy if your Subaru Ascent has good cargo space to carry essential things. And, the roof rack does that well. Even if it can store a lot of big loads, still you need to know the total weight limit to avoid accidents or mishaps. 

And so, we have given some details about load-bearing that sometimes changes due to motion and the overall weight limit of Ascent racks. 

It’s totally okay to still feel confused about which roof rack’s weight will be perfect for your case after reading this guide. For that, you can talk with the dealership and ask them via customer support to know load capacity.  

Hope this article helped you get good information and useful details to understand the Subaru Ascent roof rack weight limit. Now, Time To Bid Farewell.

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