SeaSucker Falcon Vs Talon- Explore Our Detailed Comparison Now!

What are the key facts regarding SeaSucker Falcon vs Talon?There are plenty of products that are currently available according to your need, yet two are immensely trendy, Falcon and Talon. Falcon is optimum if you have a truck, and Talon is more likable for Sedans.

Vitally, it isn’t easy to pack a cycle and install it in or on a car. Worrying is never a solution, especially when assuming to carry our bicycles by our vehicles. Here comes the mending tool that is SeaSucker. The efficient instruments are highly effective and preserve both cycle and car so that no harm can occur.

However, we shall merit some other information with differentiation of Falcon and Talon today.

SeaSucker Falcon Vs Talon

Here are some significant differences that you must observe before purchasing a sucker bike rack for your vehicle.

FactorsSeaSucker FalconSeaSucker Talon
Number of Sucker PointsTwo sucker points.Three sucker points.
Vehicle AdaptivityEffective for half and full trucks.Effective for sedans, SUVs,s and other passenger vehicles.
Rooftop Installation AvailabilityDoes not allow rooftop installation.Allow both rooftop and on-glass installation.
Mounting TypeClamp Mount, wheel MountHitch mount
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

These are the fundamental differences between the two types of SeaSucker bike racks. Yet, we must know the details profoundly.


Let’s talk about the Falcon first. The SeaSucker Falcon bike rack comes in an unparalleled size. It has a set of two 6 inches vacuums for extreme magnetic attachment, and the dimensions are 13 x 6 inches. The skewer dimension is 9 mm.

In the Talon, the size of the vacuums is also 6 inches, and there are three vacuum suckers. Therefore, it often proves to be more sturdy and magnetic than Falcon. The overall size of the SeaSucker Talon is 15 x 12 inches. Unlike the Falcon, we can deploy the Talon with all types of vehicles, and the primary space requirement is more space for Talon than Falcon. It has a 9 mm skewer.

Eventually, in this battle, undoubtedly, Talon wins, but the space must be available to attach the sucking bike rack. But, if you are thinking about attaching it with a truck, Falcon is an adequate item.


The holding capacity of Falcon is one bicycle, yet the weight allowance is 45 lbs. About the vacuum pulling strength, it is 210 lbs. Although, it is a Fork Mount Style bike rack. The required surface can be any metal, fiber, or glass.

In the case of Talon, the capacity is the same as Falcon. It can also allow only one bike and 45 lbs as the weight.

There is no difference in the pulling strength, whereas it is supposed to be higher due to a set of three vacuums. You need to remove the front wheel of your bicycle while storing or attaching with the Talon, which means Fork Mount Style. The required surface can be any metal, fiber, or glass for extreme holds.

Building Materials

Both items are built with the same type of metal, including stainless steel and heavy coating technology. Another vital material is high-density polyethylene, which makes any SeaSucker roof rack or bike holder stand out from the crowd.

Weight Differences

The robust bike storing instruments are supposed to be heavily weighed, but these are not according to their massive looks.

The weight of the Falcon is only 4 lbs, including vacuum and metal parts. Nonetheless, the Talon is heavier than Falcon, weighing around 6 lbs.

Despite having different weights, they both are similar in their activities.

Installation Processes

The installation process is similar by 70% to 80%. From the explanation we disclosed, you will learn the proper installation methods and decide which one is appropriate, SeaSucker Falcon or Talon.

SeaSucker Falcon

The installation process of SeaSucker Falcon is relatively undemanding, and we can only install it in a half truck or full truck. This feature makes it more specific than any other from the horizon. However, what you need to deploy a SeaSucker Falcon correctly is given below.

  1. Firstly, you need to use water to make the suckers wet. It prevents the risk of being loose and lowers the possibility of stains.
  1. After that, you need to wipe out the surface so that no dust can be there. Dust-free surface helps to pull the suctioning point robustly.
  1. Now, you need to determine the position of your truck’s rear glass. If you require some rooms for any other purpose, you should choose the upper side of the glass. Other than that, the lower side is the optimum option.
  1. The eventual step is to push the suckers on the glass and hold them tightly. Start pressing the white vacuum button to start pulling the glass simultaneously. Keep pressing until the white vacuum buttons become unable to push.

As a result, your SeaSucker Falcon is ready to use. So, attach your bike’s fork with the skewer after removing the front wheel. And, you are prepared to go.

SeaSucker Talon

The installation process of Talon is also similar, yet there are some differences. Let’s find it out.

  1. Firstly, determine the best place to attach. We recommend the front portion of your sedan or SUV’s rooftop.
  1. Secondly, you need to wipe the surface and make it clean properly. It is best to use a wet wipe to clean, which will leave a damp surface.
  1. Thirdly, use some water to wet the vacuum and attach it to the surface. Like the Falcon, you need to keep pressing the white vacuum buttons until those become unable to push. Do not forget to hold the suckers tightly while pressing the buttons.
  1. You may notice a spare sucker with a Talon set, and the extra vacuum’s purpose is to hold the bike’s rear wheel. After that, attach the bike’s fork with the Talon after unplugging the front wheel. We are not done yet.
  1. Eventually, find the best place to keep the bike’s rear wheel and follow the wiping and watering manners. Afterward, attach the sucker according to the rear wheel’s position and tighten the belts.

Now, you are ready to go.

Bottom Line

The right SeaSucker is entirely dependent on your purpose. After the composition regarding SeaSucker Falcon vs Talon, you can decide which one is the optimal option for you. Moreover, our generous consideration is the Talon which you can deploy with all the vehicles regardless of their types.

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