Settling The Roof Basket Installation Yourself


Carrying stuff like bikes, kayaks, luggage, and other bulks became easy by using the roof basket on the truck. It leaves your truck’s roof clean and makes it look beautiful. Plus it helps to increase productivity for your daily journey as a traveler. 

But the roof basket installation is not a piece of cake if you don’t have any idea. So, if you are searching and thinking about how to do that, just keep on reading as this guide has detailed methods to install it based on the types. 

You only need to stay focus as it will take around 30 minutes and don’t go anywhere until you finish reading this guide to the end. Now, without bubbling around, let’s look forward to knowing how to install roof basket. Ready, Set, & Go!

The Right Way of Roof Basket Installation – Step-by-step Guide!

Based on the brands and models, the process of mounting roof baskets will be different. For that reason, don’t just throw away the instruction and read it completely so that you can easily do the following methods (matching your roof basket types).

According to the author of,

A roof basket can store many items with ease – even oddly-shaped ones. Since it’s essentially an open storage platform, you can pile as much or as little as you want, just be sure to fasten all your items tightly with bungees or a net.

The steps will be easy and similar but with different cases so that we can go over these to install them easily. Take a good look at the given directions.

Let’s Start with How to Install Roof Basket Without Rail

The roof basket with no rail installation is quite different where you need to gather gears. And also, be sure to park your truck in an open area and organize tools precisely. Here is what you need to do. 

  • First off, align the measurement of the roof basket where you want to place it. 
  • Take out the black track (on top of the truck) by using a screwdriver. And then, drill some holes so that the nuts can fit inside. Be sure to measure rightly to make holes rightly.
  • Vacuum or clean the messy look using a towel.  
  • Lower the roof basket frame. Attach the upper along with the lower frame with (M8) screws, tubes, half saddle washers, nuts, and other parts. 
  • Fasten all the nuts tightly to their place. 
  • Next, on the bottom part, insert the (M6) screws, half saddle washers, nuts, tubes, and other parts. Tighten out the nuts using your hand. 
  • Now, insert the roof basket on top of your truck so that the U-bolts go inside to the holes and roof tray easily.
  • Attach the securing nut to secure the U-bolts. Next, do the same thing to the 3 remaining points. Make sure it stays firm with no vibration to finish the process. 

Explaining How to Install Roof Cargo Basket on Your Truck

Tools Needed:

  1. 1x Roof Basket Kit
  2. Drill or Screwdriver
  3. WD40 Spray
  4. Blade Handy File

Step-1: Take the blade handy file to remove the tubes out. Then, apply the WD40 spray on a cloth to wipe out the tubes. 

Step-2: Next, attach the tubes inside the frame and corner unit. Use a little pressure to insert it. 

Step-3: Repeat the same process from steps 1-2 on the left side. 

Step-4: Attach the silver tubes to the frames. Just be sure all of them are attached. Insert the 4 bolts on each corner tightly. For that, use the drill or screwdriver to tightly fit them.

Step-5: Check the bottom part and insert the 2 bars in the middle horizontally. Be sure to mount them using bolts, washers, and securing nuts. Do the same thing on vertical sides too. 

Step-6: Then, attach the combined rack basket on your truck crossbar. Be sure to align first and then insert them to fit matching the holes. 

Step-7: Insert the 4 U-bolt and metal plate on four corners. And then, attach the lock or secure nuts on each side to secure them well. That’s it. 

Caution: The installation instructions are for those of you who has a crossbar in your truck.

Breaking Down How to Install Yakima Roof Basket in the Right Way

Yakima is a popular brand that offers quality, strong, and functional roof baskets. Let’s see how exactly you can mount it on your truck:   

  • Start by, attaching the 2-cargo roof basket of Yakima. Make sure you can align the holes of both sides rightly to mount it well.
  • Insert the screws on both left and right sides. You can also use a screwdriver to do that. 
  • Attach the nameplate of Yamika by attaching the clasp on the 3 sides and insert them using screws. 
  • And then, mount the plastic plate and U-bolt to secure the roof basket to the crossbar. Next, secure the U-bolt with the nuts and fit them well. 
  • Repeat this on the other 3 sides to end the procedure. Then, check whether it shakes or not. And, you are done.

Easy Instructions About How To Install Thule Roof Basket

Similar to Yamika, Thule is a well-known brand that provides different kinds of roof baskets. Not only do they carry big loads but also have brilliant design, durability, and quality. Fitting the roof basket is easy. And if you don’t know, check this out: 

  1. Organize the Thule roof basket accessories and other gears. 
  2. Attach the 2 rails tightly and do the same thing on the other 2 pairs too. 
  3. Then, insert the 2 corners to make a perfect square. Just insert the bolts on the corners using a screwdriver. 
  4. Next, mount the 4 steel tubes on the bottom by attaching screws, washers, nuts, and other accessories. 
  5. Follow the same steps 2-4 on the opposite side too. And then, attach 2 bars together to make it a roof basket. 
  6. Afterward, you need to connect the rod of bars that will attach to the basket. Screw in the plastic plate on 2 corners horizontally. Do the same thing on the left side. 
  7. Attach the small clasp on the middle of the top-end size to insert the nameplate of Thule.
  8. Now, insert the plastic plate, U-bolts, and nuts to secure 4 corners. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are roof baskets worth it?

For those of you who usually use the roof of your truck often, it’s better to go with a roof rack basket that is nice in quality and strong enough to carry stuff. Also, the roof basket is a cherry on the top to store a lot of items for driving at a higher speed on a long journey. 

Most travelers do have a roof basket that is suitable for frequent uses and endure long-drive without breaking or losing the cargo. 

What do you store in a roof basket?

You can use the roof basket on your truck to carry bikes, bulky stuff, or light items at ease. It’s possible to store items such as skateboards, luggage, tents, bags, pillows, chairs, skis, or golf clubs, etc.  

Stuff that is usually won’t fit inside the truck but can be carried on top of roof baskets to make good use of cargo space.

What is the point of a roof basket?

A lot of people use the roof baskets to carry stuff just like a rack on their vehicles. Apart from its unique design, everything seems the same as the roof rack. Also, using the roof basket will help reducing inside cargo space so that you can store items. 

Wrapping Up

And, that’s basically the ending notes on the whole roof basket installation guide. Do you feel like still struggling to follow the process? We hope you aren’t. Roof Baskets are designed to expand your truck cargo space on the top that makes people go crazy over this. 

Even if the time and energy take less time to mount it on your truck, still a lot of people don’t understand the manual instructions. For that, we have tried to give a proper clarification of roof basket fitment that will shorten the work.  

And if you find that too much work, then we suggest getting help from a professional mechanic who’ll simply get the job done. 

Hope our guide helped you a little bit to solve the puzzling installation process of the roof basket and wish you success in this task. Have A Nice Day Ahead!

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