Rockbros Bike Rack Fail: Learn The Possible Causes & Follow The Effective Solutions

Why does the rockbros bike rack fail? It is one of the most asked questions often found in the riders’ community. Well, the primary reason for the bike rail failure is due to incorrect installation. 

Many riders don’t follow the guideline and don’t use the necessary tools to mount the bike rack on their vehicles. However, apart from this cause, we found several other facts that work behind the rockbros bike rack’s failure, which we have briefly discussed in this content. So, let’s explore the causes and solutions to the bike rack failure.

Rockbros Bike Rack Fail: What Are The Reasons Behind Those Failures

Since its inception, Rockbros has been one of the most popular and trusted brands for bike racks. However, there have been increasing reports of their products failing in recent years, often with disastrous consequences. 

So, what’s behind this sudden spate of Rockbros bike rack failures? Let’s figure it out.


Rockbros bike racks, such as the rockbros suction cup bike rack, are reported with durability issues. The bike rack is made of aluminum and rubber, so it doesn’t last long compared to other bike racks. 

Also, it tends to be fragile, which is one of the causes of bike rack failure. A couple of users complain that their bike rack breaks in the middle of their outdoor trips. 

So, as a solution to this problem, the manufacturer recommends taking proper care of users’ bike racks. And soon, manufacturers will fix the problem by using high-quality and sturdy materials in their bike racks. 

Suction Cup Failure

Another reason for the failure of the Rockbros bike rack is the improper installation of suction cups. Its cups come loose and cause bike rack failure. 

One User Stated,

“Suction cups don’t hold, one always releases even on short road trips.. Always have an issue with at least one cup making suction when first putting on car. Also plungers don’t always release giving you a warning that you’ve lost suction even though cup has released.”

And to address this problem, the manufacturer recommends wiping up your car’s roof with a wet cloth before mounting the bike rack with suction cups. It will help those cups stay securely and firmly and resist air from entering. 

Wrongful Installation

The last reason for the Rockbros bike rack failure is improper installation. Sometimes many users don’t follow the installation guideline or don’t utilize the required tools to mount the bike rack professionally.

Consequently, the rockbros bike rack doesn’t hold onto place. So, to fix this issue, you need to install the rockbros bike rack properly. If you can’t do it yourself, you should ask for a professional’s help. 

Now you know about all the possible reasons behind the rockbros bike rack failure and how to solve these problems. So, next time you encounter any issues, don’t fret; instead, follow this guideline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Release The Rockbros Suction Bike Rack?

You can release the rockbros suction bike rack in no time by using your finger. What you need to do is to lift the suction cup’s edge away from the mounting surface with the help of your finger. Once you lift the suction cup’s edge, you can release the bike rack.

Are RockBros Products Good?

Rockbros’ products are famous for their unrivaled price and unparalleled designs and functions. Their stuff tends to be innovative with timeless styles. And so, this brand’s products remain many cyclists’ first choice, which indicates how good rockbros’ cycling items are.

How Do You Use The RockBros Bike Rack?

Place the RockBros bike rack on the top of your vehicle after removing your bike’s front wheel. Push the cap until the white bar disappears and the suction cups become secure. Put your bike’s front axle on the front mount and your rear wheel on the rear mount. Finally, secure the front axle and rear wheel with a strap. That’s it. 


A couple of facts behind the rockbros bike rack fail can ruin your Overlanding trip in the great outdoors. But if you can address the problems correctly and solve them by following the aforementioned steps, you won’t encounter any trouble during your journey. 

All the causes and fixes you have read in this article are gathered through thorough research, so, undoubtedly, you can rely on the information. That’s all for this content; we will catch you with the next one.

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