Kuat Transfer 2 Problems That Might Surprise You!

You’ll find Kuat Transfer 2 bike hitch rack on the top whenever it comes down to top-rated hitch-mounted bike racks. This bike rack is convenient to use, comes at a reasonable price, and is long-lasting. 

Despite being a top-rated bike rack, there are some problems that many people face with transfer 2. And this very article is all about Kuat transfer 2 problems and solutions. 

If you own a transfer 2 or are thinking about getting one, you don’t want to miss out on this guide. 

Kuat Transfer 2 Problems and Possible Fix

Here we present a quick overview of all the common problems people mostly face.

Kuat Transfer 2 IssuesPossible Fix
Problem fitting fat TiresPositioning the ratchet arm properly. Or Using a fat bike strap kit. 
The ratchet Arm is shortReplacing the ratchet arm with a suitable one. 
Arms squeak when swingingLubricating the arm
Heavy to liftThere is no fix to this problem and it is how the rack is made.
The rack doesn’t fit tightMostly it is because of the wrong installation. Ensure you’ve installed in the right way. 

Here we’ll be discussing a few common issues of the Kuat Transfer 2 hitch bike rack that some people have come across. There might be some other issues, if there are then don’t forget to let us know through the comment section. Let’s get started!

Fat Tires don’t fit well

Some Kuat transfer 2 users have found it hard to fit tire bikes on the rack. Though this kind of complaint was never seen before about transfer 2, but it is what it is. 

Sometimes people do not set the rack properly. If the ratchet arm is positioned wrong, then you won’t be able to put a fat tire bike in there. Even if you do, then it is most likely to slide off the rack, and you’ll end up with a damaged bike.

So, first, check if you have attached the rack well and if the ratchet arm is positioned perfectly. How to know if the ratchet arm is positioned properly?

Well, if that is yes, the arm will be right next to the fork tube. 

And even after positioning the arm properly, you are struggling to put fat tires on the rack.

Then you probably need an accessory strap kit which is for fat tires. Such kits are perfect for bike tires that are 4-½-inches wide. That should solve your problem totally. 

Short Ratchet Arm

Few transfer 2 bike rack owners have found the rack ratchet to be a little short.

To be honest, this doesn’t seem like a problem. Maybe you are trying to fit in a cycle that is not suitable for this hitch-mounted bike rack.

However, there is still an option for you to fix that. And that is to replace the ratchet arm with a suitable one. You can contact the manufacturer or look for after-market parts. You might need an expert to help you with the installation part. 

Squeaky arm

Another problem that few people have come across is a squeaky arm. We know it isn’t a major problem, but a problem is a problem.

First of all, let’s figure out what causes a squeaky arm. Either the rack is years old, or the arm has run out of lubrication.

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If the rack is old, then lubrication might not help. In that case, either you’ll have to deal with the noise or replace the entire bike rack.

On the other hand, in the case of new bike racks, lubricating the arm properly should work. Make sure you use a good quality lube for the lubrication.

Heavy rack

Hitch mounted bike racks are usually heavy as they can hold two bikes at a time. These bike racks are mounted at the back of the car, so the weight of the rack shouldn’t be a major problem.

But yes, you might face a little difficulty when mounting the rack to the car. Do not try to do it alone. Two-person will be able to mount the rack easily onto the car. 

Installation Issue 

Few people have reported that the bike rack doesn’t mount properly. Well, that is mostly because of the wrong installation. Follow the instruction guide; that should be enough.

You Can Check This Installation Video For Help

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Add To Kuat Transfer 2?

Sure you can. Kuat Transfer 2 bike racks are available for 1,2, and 3 bikes. But there is an option you can increase the capacity for one more bike in transfer 2. There is a bike addon available for transfer 2; you can get that from the manufacturer.

Are Kuat Racks Made In The USA?

The development and research part is done in Springfield. Then the manufacturing is done in China and Taiwan.

Does Kuat Make A Single Bike Rack?

Yes, they do! Last year, they launched a Kuat Transfer single tray bike rack for 1 bike. And that is also a hitch-mounted bike rack. 


So those are the Kuat transfer 2 problems that some bikers have come across. However, none of them seem to be a major issue. It’s either wrongly mounted rack, or the rack got old.

Whatever it is, if your new transfer 2 rack is showing any kind of issues, you can directly contact the manufacturer, as they can give the best solution. Hope this helps! 

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