8 Best Bike Racks for Electric Bikes with Fenders–Experts Recommendations!

If you are no noob, then the fact that e-bikes require different racks compared to regular bicycles is also not new to you.

You do need a special bike rack for electrical bikes. Because of the electrical system, thicker frame, and battery adding additional weight, there are going to be a few challenges that demand a specifically suited rack to transport it safely.

Not to mention how ill-fitted those racks with straps end up for Ebikes. The same goes for trunk-mounted style racks, those are the ones you must avoid.

Now a great bike rack would be something that:

  • Matches with tongue weight to carry the Ebike and rack.
  • Comes with enough weight rating to hold E-bike’s weight.
  • Suitable to carry the number of Ebikes you are planning to transport.
  • Provides a safe mounting option.

Today we would like to share some of the best bike racks for electric bikes with fenders, giving their complete reviews and more for you to pick one comfortably.

Our Top Pick – Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack

A Thule bike rack can hold an electric bike in the best way possible and the Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack is probably the finest example of that. The way it handles fender-equipped e-bikes is exceptionally well. Not to mention the solid huge clamp that secures the frame great.

The way it handles fender-equipped e-bikes is exceptionally well. Not to mention the solid huge clamp that secures the frame great.

It is fully foldable, compact, and simple to install/uninstall. Just the lack of expansion capacity holds it slightly back. But not enough to stop us from calling it by far the best bike rack for electric bike with fenders.

Reviewing Bike Racks for Electric Bike with Fenders – Best 8 Picks!

The most awaited part, reviews! Let’s just directly get into it…

1. Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack

Thule bike racks for electric bikes are always considered to be standard. And with the Thule EasyFold XT 2, it is also exceptionally true for fender-friendly setups.

This can also work as an excellent bike rack for heavy e bike. It uses a very smooth platform, Uniform indeed, that gives a stable feel for holding the bike in place without any unnecessary effort required to get each wheel inside each hole.

Vertical hold-down threading is quite difficult and struggling. With the Thule EasyFold XT 2, you don’t have to deal with such scenes as it provides a U-shaped vertical bar. And using it you can easily lean the bike against the back wall.

The provided clamps are great with fenders. The mounting is secure, with no hang and bang getting in the way. And the spades have impeccable strength to hold even the too much weight of Ebikes.

Now one thing that you should know is that it’s quite long. Add-on taillights will make it even longer.

And so, if you are planning to store it inside a small space like a tiny garage, you won’t be able to walk around the vehicle once the bike is on top of it. The rack is also pretty high.

With that being said, the Thule EasyFold XT 2 will fit exactly the need of someone having a rear door mount spare. It’s compact as well as supports tool-free installation/uninstallation.


  • Clamps are great for fender designs.
  • Easy to lean the bike against the back wall.
  • The platform is super stable and secure.
  • Premium engineering quality.
  • No requirement for tools to install/uninstall.


  • Not great to put inside small spaces.
  • The instructions provided are useless.

2. Kuat Racks NV 2.0 Bike Rack

Now Kuat Racks NV 2.0 is definitely for someone who would not mind spending more for a high-quality bike rack that can tackle hefty e-bikes with much stability and security.

This is the type of e-bike compatible rack that would fit anyone looking for something that effortlessly does great at being nonhanging after installation. Of course, it’s also amazing at withstanding the weight of fat bikes.

Kuat Racks NV 2.0 it’s a wide range of bike sizes. You can use it for M-size frames, also the XL-sized ones.

E-bikes that are pretty expensive will need a great amount of security for transportation. And this rack is more than capable of providing that.

Assemble-wise, Kuat Racks NV 2.0 is very easy to figure out. Attaching is a piece of cake with it. There’s an interesting mechanism with this rack that make sure shakes are prevented.

It’s fantastic! This mechanism does not suddenly pop out of the rack. Nor does it come apart even with rough usage.

Another great thing about Kuat Racks NV 2.0 is how well it holds the bike without causing any damage to frames. You can put the same size as well as different size bikes on it. And it won’t make the bike rub leading to any damage.

The bikes along with racks are locked in place pretty solid as well. There’s no crazy wheel spinning due to heavy wind noticeable.

Nor does it keeps slapping the back side of the vehicle. This excellent built quality however does add up to its weight, so yes you will have to expect handling a heavy rack each time.

One thing that you need to know is regarding bikes with a front fender that extends beyond the fork. You can use something in between the clamp and fender so that there’s no chance of marks getting on it. A microfiber cloth will work!

Overall, the Kuat Racks NV 2.0 is perfect for fat e-bike riders who want to transport their rides without any fear of damage or wobbliness.


  • Perfectly works for heavy e-bikes.
  • You can transport multiple size frames with it
  • Attaching is super simple.
  • There’s no shakiness thanks to a special mechanism included.
  • Does zero damage to the bike frame due to any rubbing.
  • A plus built quality overall.


  • Due to the premium engineering, it is heavy.

3. KAC Overdrive Sports K4

A versatile bike rack is what the KAC K4 is with it being great for not just e-bikes but also any bike type in general. This one comes with a massive 240lbs of weight capacity, which means you’ll have many possibilities of carrying 3-4 bikes at a time.

The rack also supports conversion in case you want to bring 2 or 1 bike on it. We wish there was something about step-through bikes with it. However, an adapter that costs you a few extra bucks will make that happen as well.

The rack can easily accommodate even 54 inches wheelbase. So basically, most type of e-bike is going to work with the KAC K4.

There’s also an anti-wobble mechanism for keeping slacks out of your way. Thanks to the mechanism, you will easily avoid any unwanted movement.

It also comes with a locking hitch pin. So, there’s no worrying about theft with it. the top arm adjustment knob includes a lock as well. That extra security just makes it a perfectly safe option for expensive e-bikes.

Thanks to the locking hitch pin, you won’t have to worry about someone stealing your rack while you’re away from your vehicle. Look wise, the KAC K4 has a somewhat similar outlook to the Hollywood rack.

This one is going to be a match made in heaven for Ebikes that does not have much room beneath the tube for hanging.

As there are certain Ebikes that accommodate a battery in a way. The rack with its adjustment benefits as well as sturdy making quality will work amazing for such e-bike styles.


  • Goes well with almost any type of e-bike.
  • The rack is sturdy to accommodate 1-4 e-bikes.
  • Works with fender includes bikes as well.
  • Super simple to convert depending on how many bikes to carry.
  • Great safety against theft with provided locking mechanisms.


  • Does not work with a trailer hitch.

4. Swagman CURRENT ebike Rack

The Swagman CURRENT is clearly for those people who don’t want to compromise the sturdiness but still require it to be a little less heavy on their wallet.

This one is a hitch mount rack and comes with enough flexibility to safely transport a big size e-bike. Don’t expect many bells and whistles with it, which is obvious from the pricing.

There’s a locking mechanism that works fine. It does not make any interruption with the fenders. Even if the e-bike comes with large fenders, the Swagman CURRENT will still feel great with it.

The rack is also well compatible with most bike styles and frames. Bikes with up to 5 inches width tires will be fine to use with Swagman CURRENT. However, anything more than that could be risky. It can provide enough space for 20-29 inches wheels.

The e-bike rack is also super convenient for quick assembly. You barely need a few moments, and that too without using any additional tool. To access the trunk once the rack is on, you just simply have to tilt it down.

After usage, you can fold the Swagman CURRENT and store it at your destination without needing much space for that as well.

This rack is made of steel, just the levers for releasing and top tube hooks ratches are plastic made. So, construction-wise, Swagman CURRENT is quite sturdy no doubt.

You require just one key for accessing all the locks. There’s a locking receiver pin as well as a cable lock provided.

There are no rattling issues with the ideally shaped steel trays made for accommodating fat tires. However, when it’s empty, there is a bit of rattling noticeable over bumps.

Overall, the Swagman CURRENT is a fine choice for anyone willing to invest in inexpensive platform racks that won’t interfere with fenders as well.


  • It needs really less time for assembly.
  • The bike frames are well protected by the locking ratchet hooks.
  • Accessing the trunk is super simple.
  • No interfering with the fenders of e-bike.
  • Well-shaped wheel tray to accommodate fat tires easily.


  • When empty, there’s some rattling over bumps.

5. Saris Freedom Bike Hitch and Spare Tire Car Rack Mount

The Saris Freedom Rack is probably the lightest carrier that can handle e-bikes up to 60lbs in weight, and that’s rare in this industry.

Not to mention how certain racks will squeeze the fenders with the clamp mechanism. However, that’s not the case with this compact carrier.

Saris Freedom Rack is not only 27 pounds light weighted carrier but also the one that includes a tilt feature. You can use it for low crossbars and included bikes easily. There’s also enough usability you’ll get out of it for beach cruisers’ fenders and women’s bikes.

With fat tire adapters available with it, you can also manage using the rack for fat bike haul. The underframe clamps are what this carrier uses for mounting.

So, if you don’t want the top crossbar or wheels-oriented clamping mechanism, this is the right one to go for.

And not to mention, such clamps are great for bikes with fenders as it causes zero damage. The lightweight design also allows quicker installation.

Just the lack of a hitch lock is sort of disappointing with this rack. You see that mechanism is necessary for so many riders who fear theft of rack.

Other than that, there’s no denying the fact that Saris Freedom Rack s one of the lightest racks to exist targeted toward e-bikes that have fenders, and also it is super affordable.


  • For an e-bike rack, it is comparatively light weighted.
  • Made very well despite the less weight.
  • Does not interfere with fenders thanks to the clamp mechanism.
  • Super quick to install and uninstall.
  • Works with different styles of bikes.


  • There’s no hitch lock, unfortunately.

6. Hollywood Racks Sportrider SE2 HR-1450Z 2” Hitch Rack

Finally, we have one of the much famous Hollywood bike racks, the Sportrider. It can comfortably load 2 50lbs e-bikes without any problem. And the wheelbase range is between 34-60 inches, again with a maximum width of 3 inches.

While loading the bikes, you can use the tilting down fearer. It gives enough cope for easy trunk accessing as well.

Sportrider is exceptionally promising in terms of construction. The rack is very well made, and you can tell that it is designed for heavy-duty load hauling. Flex and bends are going to be a far case looking at its construction.

And there’s also the built-in anti-rattle device. Something you need for hauling heavy expensive e-bikes. As rattling can really risk a drop that you may not be able to stop otherwise.

Even the metal hoops are made strong. This is the part where the wheels are supposed to rest. and with such strong construction, there’s nothing to complain about in this area.

However, the price point is not very comfortable for many. It’s more on the high-end side. But considering the fact that Sportrider will hold a heavy expensive e-bike, it still is worth the money and offers better value.


  • It comes with a premium making quality.
  • There’s no need for additional tools.
  • Provides hitch lock and cable with matched keys.
  • Easy to pivot even when loaded with bikes.
  • The anti-rattle device is helpful.


  • Even when folded, it’s huge in size and takes quite a lot of space.

7. Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack

The Electric Bike Hitch Rack from Vibrelli packs tons of ebike with fender-friendly features that definitely sets it apart from its competitor.

If you need a bike rack for 65 pound bike with the flexibility of adjusting wheel flatforms, this is the one.

For tires, the cradles provided are super large. There are also straps provided that are easy to secure the tires with a cradle.

You don’t have to struggle in accessing the vehicle. The easy single lever will make tilting the bike down a piece of the case.

There are also hitch, braces, and cable locks with single key locking flexibility. In fact, the braces are great for bikes with fenders as they provided additional support for fenders.

To install the Electric Bike Hitch Rack from Vibrelli, you will need a maximum of 15-20 minutes. However, instead of a wrench that comes in the package, a ratchet will give better results.

There’s also a vibration damper coming along. And so, you will have fewer bounces within hitch causing any risk of damage to your pricey e-bikes.

There are a few tiny issues with it, but most are solvable with cheap add-ons installed to it. Other than that, the Electric Bike Hitch Rack from Vibrelli is a standard fender-friendly rack that will tackle e-bike hauls for long trips comfortably.


  • It is an ergonomic rack for transporting bikes with fenders.
  • The provided cradle is large enough.
  • Using and mounting is super simple.
  • Quite sturdy so expected to last a long time.
  • Fewer bounces thanks to the vibration damper.


  • The ratchet works better than a provided wrench.

8. HYPERAX Volt-2 E-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack

And last but definitely not least, is HYPERAX Volt 2, a mind-blowing designed rack that accommodates e-bikes with fenders beautifully.

The construction along with the design just works! Its main material is heavy-duty steel. Good enough to give enough withstanding on even hefty e-bikes.

Other great things about its design are the sleek feel and overall compactness that serves. The platform is 4-wheeled. So, you will have no difficulty hopefully loading many different types of wheels on it.

Installation is also super simple. And most of the parts come pre-assembled. However, there’s one minor issue that should catch your attention while assembling. We doubt this issue is visible with all the models, perhaps a few.

The locking pin assembly is a bit flimsy, feels like at one point it is ought to fall apart. However, that’s a pretty minor issue but we’d still keep it addressed.

Again, during assembly, you want to check for this beforehand. Because if something happens while accommodating 2 e-bikes on top, things could get drastically bad.

Accessing the trunk of a vehicle is also easy. A simple tilt to bring the rack down is all it needs. Keeping the wheels in their position is also possible with the provided Velcro straps. Also, the straps are reflective, so during night trips, this helps.

There’s also an anti-wobble mechanism that makes sure e-bikes on top are free from any wobbling and stands on a stable platform.

Overall, there are mostly great things to say about the HYPERAX Volt 2 and would work fabulously for e-bikes that have fenders.


  • It comes with a stable platform.
  • The construction quality is premium.
  • Accessing the trunk is super easy.
  • The overall design is sleek and compact.
  • Works with most types of wheels.


  • The locking pin assembly is kind of flimsy.

Don’t Compromise These Factors In Choosing Bike Racks for Electric Bikes With Fenders

Choosing a bike rack, that will be great for:

  • Electric bike-centric mechanism
  • & Won’t be a headache to deal with fenders

Are what we are trying to do here today, right? Well, then you must be aware of a few factors that are quite elementary in picking a bike rack specifically for these two needs.

E-Bike Compatible Weight

The regular racks that are capable of bearing the weight of almost 2-3 regular bikes can fall short when it comes to carrying an E-Bike. Yes, these are that heavy.

And so, you must make sure the rack comes with a weight rating compatible with the e-bike you are planning to transport using it.

E-bike Tier Friendly Mechanism

This is specifically for those e-bikes that are used for riding mountain terrains. You need a rack system that will be able to work with additional wide tiers. Since that’s what mountain e-bikes typically use.

Similarly, the e-MTBs tires are also different than usual bikes, which you must consider when getting a rack.

However, if you have a road bike then there must be slim tires. These are also super easy to mount. In that case, a regular e-bike rack with not much consideration of tire width is fine.

There is also the option of getting an add-on for accommodating fat tires. In such a scene, expect an additional cost of 50-200 dollars.

There’s also wheelbase length you need to consider. A few wheelbases are super long and won’t easily fit the wheel tray’s length.

An additional adapter in such a case can dodge the issue. There are also adapter beams to use.

For Your Information – Long wheelbase system e-bike transporting will have the wheels sticking out of your vehicle on both sides.

Plan To Spend A Substantial Amount

Look, we are not telling you to buy the most expensive rack that comes your way. However, do know that the less pricey options, such as a Tunk or spare tire racks are often only good for 30 pounds of weight bearing. Something that rarely any e-bike would weigh.

On the other side, a hitch-mounted e-bike rack will cost you a high price. And it does make sense as these racks are well made to carry the extra weight of a typical e-bike.

How Many E-Bikes You’d Like To Transport at Once?

There are a few options to consider deepening the number of e-bikes you are willing to transport. Here’re a few ideas on those:

  • A single roof rack will be good enough for carrying 1 e-bike.
  • You can mount side by side the same number of roof racks for the total e-bikes on top of a large vehicle to transport them. This formula will work for 2 to 3 E-bikes.
  • Get a mid-range hitch style rack that can accommodate at least 240 pounds for carrying more than two e-bikes at the same time.
  • To carry 3 e-bikes at max, you can pick Tunk e-bike racks.
  • Go with a high-end hitch style carrying more maximum 4 e-bikes at the same time.

The Type of Convenience You’d Prefer Depending on Transporting Frequency

Depending on how often you travel, this is going to vary. And it does strongly associates with the rack type that you’ll get

For example, if you will use the rack frequently then something easy to use would be best. And then, the roof rack seems ideal because it just keeps the carried- Ebikes out of the way while parking/reversing. Not to mention the complete access to the trunk.

Also Read: Stop Worrying How To Stop Roof Rack Vibration & Try This

But then again, these racks are pretty high up. And so, getting e-bikes that high will be challenging. As you are likely to handle the massive weight. Something extremely convenient to do with a hitch rack type.

The Distance You’ll Travel

For short-distance trips, there’s no issue with a roof rack. However, this is not the case if you are heading to the highlands on weekend.

FYI, gas mileage will be highly impacted by the air drag. And that’s exactly why the roof rack doesn’t fit in such a scene.

However, the hitch rack is going to work fab here. Because this type does excellent at not generating much air drag.

Other Things To Take Note Of:

  1. If your vehicle comes with a metal sheet rear spoiler, then you won’t have much trouble with mounting an e-bike rack. However, in the case of the plastic-made rear spoiler, there’s a chance of inability for withholding the combined weight of e-bikes and bike carriers.
  2. There is a certain style of e-bike racks that completely cover up the license plate as well as rear lights. And if that’s the case likely to happen with your vehicle, you need to have a light board.

For Your Information – Installing a lightboard on an e-bike is not legal, it should be onto the rack.

Transporting Bikes with Fenders

Since you are trying to get electric bike racks for fenders also being a crucial deciding matter, pay attention to the securing method. You want to try your best to get a rack that allows securing the e-bike by the wheels.

This is due to the fact that wheel clamps associated with fenders are hardly damaged. Since there’s flexibility here. However, there are also a few fenders that will still get affected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you put an electric bike on a bike rack?

Yes, you can put an electric bike on a bike rack until you are getting the one made for it. There are specific racks for electric bikes with fenders.
You should consider matching the specs of the E-bikes with the rack you are planning to use for transporting it and then there are no issues to worry about.

How do you transport an e-bike in the rain?

To transport an Ebike in the rain, you may require considering how full your transporting vehicle is. And then, you may have to get rid of both wheels.
In some situations, the saddle needs to go as well. Use a saran/glad wrap cling film for covering the chain area. Don’t forget to stash the frame across the back seat.
You also need to bring along the tools that are necessary for reassembling. Another helpful tip is that if the bike frame fits inside the storage or trunk or boot, use that. Also, use fender friendly ebike racks.

How do I protect my ebike battery from rain?

You can protect your ebike battery from rain if it has fenders. As that’s where fenders come in use the most. It makes sure the battery and motor stay safe.

Can you ride an e-bike without a battery?

Yes, you can ride an e-bike without the battery but keep in mind that will have a great impact on the ride. As you are riding the e-bike without sufficient power.

Wrapping Up

And that was all about bike racks for electric bike with fenders. The next thing you need to do is make a choice according to the things you learned today. Of course, you can research a bit further if you are not sure yet.

About the recommendations, you already know which one is our top preferred pick. However, the other options are also great, and perhaps best for a specific person.

It’s you who ultimately needs to decide which one has the most suitable benefits for you. Good Luck!

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